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We’d like to hear from you. Click here to Email us. 573.480.7455

        Russ and Bryan Clay also known as R&B Outfitters, two local guys from North Missouri, are offering you the opportunity to come hunt some of the best property in North Missouri for Deer, Turkey, and Upland Game Birds.  They have been in business running this hunting operation for over 10 years with the emphasis of the hunt being the Customization and Quality of the Hunting Experience.  They have built this operation around 3 or 4 main core values and you are going to see this first hand when you book a hunt.  Those values are:


1)      Family:  building this hunting operation started out as a dream for Russ and he pulled his brother Bryan in as a partner.  Over the last few years this business has grown and that equaled more man power needed.  So where do you go to get help with the same morals as the owners, family!  If you book a hunt with R&B Outfitters, you will see that family runs deep in this operation and you will see many different family members helping to make this business a success.


2)      Camaraderie:  hunting isn’t just about killing an animal, it is also about the time being spent around others who share common beliefs and goals


3)      Customization:  this hunt is for you and your group.  It isn’t about R&B Outfitters.  Tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen.


4)      Quality:  the quality of the animals, the quality of the land, the quality of the lodge.  All of these are a focus for R&B Outfitters!

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