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        R&B Outfitters has been in existence for over 10 years and during that 10 years they have been able to help their customers successfully harvest 100’s of trophy bucks scoring over 130” inches, which happens to be the minimum inches allowed for trophy bucks.  R&B Outfitters is located in three counties in Northeast Missouri: Knox, Macon, and Adair.  With those three counties being the areas where Russ and Bryan spent their youth honing their hunting and fishing skills on some of the best land in Missouri.  One thing that must be mentioned is that R&B Outfitters only takes a limited number of deer hunters every year with their deer hunts being limited to exactly 3, four day weekends a year.  Two of those weekends are limited exclusively for bow hunters with the third weekend being the first weekend of gun season.  By only taking deer hunters three weekends a year all the hunters can experience unpressured animals and fresh stands.


        What can you expect when hunting with R&B Outfitters for deer season?

When you book a hunt with R&B Outfitters you can expect to hunt from ladder stands that are located on well used travel routes between bedding and feeding areas.  We place food plots in areas that allow us to monitor the deer from a distance while capturing the movements of trophy bucks on game cameras.  We do monitor the health of the deer herd year round and we do harvest many does late in the year after the rut is over.

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