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        It really doesn’t get much better than being in the woods chasing a big Northern Missouri tom during spring Turkey Season and at R&B Outfitters we take a very limited amount of hunters.  Our properties are a mixture of timber, river bottoms, row crops, crp, and food plots.  Anyone that has turkey hunted will tell you that those items are needed for a healthy population of turkeys and we have just that at R&B Outfitters.


        A typical hunt for spring turkey will have a client arriving on Friday evening for a 3 day hunt where we will check you in to our new 4000 square foot lodge and we will discuss the next days plans.  We will have you up and out early the next morning and we will do our best to help you harvest a mature turkey.  One is only allowed to hunt until 1 in the afternoon in Missouri which leaves plenty of time for a nap, or maybe some early spring fishing.  And don’t forget about roosting birds in the evening so we know where to go in the morning.


        We prefer only fully guided hunts for spring turkey with R&B Outfitters, but if you are a true do it yourself kind of person, we can arrange that for you.


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